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October 13, 2003



Would so much like to visit you - curse geography and longitudes and nasty distance things. Am thinking of you a lot, though. We both are.
And each time I visit this place I feel an urge to learn Finnish. It's a conspiracy.

Arg Leino

Jos siellä sädehoidossa näet Tommi Läntisen näköisen suorapuheisen kundin, kerro terveisiä minulta. Muista ei ole niin väliä.



Aha, our dastardly conspiratorial plan is working (insert evil laughter). Eller kanske jag borde öva mig Svenska. Om jag börjar att tänka på saket är det så att den sista gången jag skrev något på Svenska var kanske sex eller sju år sedan.

Or... maybe not if I want to get this written before the end of the month. Strange how I have no problems with writing ungrammatical English and making all sorts of mistakes, but even with those few sentences of Swedish I have a compulsive need grab a dictionary and a grammar.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Swecon comittee but especially you and Johan for a lovely time in August. Jukka's diagnosis was confirmed just before the trip and he went in the hospital straight after, so that weekend was a truly wonderful chance for us both to just shut "real life" out for a while and enjoy a good con with good company. Not to mention a chance to trawl through book stores. Jukka has had a lot of new books to choose from when he goes in for his treatment. Oh, and Dunder & Brak was a great success ;-)



Siis vekotin jää muutamaksi _vuodeksi_! Pääset vielä aiheuttamaan terroristihälytyksiä lentokentille. ;-)
Ja Sari, minäkin nautin Dunder & Brak -etsivätarinoista kovasti 1970-80-luvulla, niitä oli kai 4 tai 6 kirjaa suomennettuna kirjastossa.

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