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October 27, 2003


Johan A

Ouch, ouch. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You sure are getting a first-hand experience of what modern medicine has to offer. I wish you didn't have to.


Sharp steel will cure anything, ask Conan if you doubt me. Sharpen your sword and get ready to kick that cancer's ass! Crom!

(What?! You're not doing the slicing yourself? Are you sissy or something?)



I ain't going to wait for next week. As a matter of fact, I'll be going to Töölö Hospital tomorrow and they will operate the tumor the following day ie. Thursday the 30th of October.

I'll ask from the surgeons, whether I can operate myself with a sword. Unfortunately I don't have any, but how about a bayonet? Would that be OK, Ben?

I expect to stay at the hospital... five days after the actual operation. Ymmärtääkseni tulen olemaan osastolla 3.


Bayonet... Well I suppose if I can't get my sword over there in time that will have to do.

Slice 'n' dice, pal!

Johan A

Töölö Hospital doesn't sound like Conan-like mansion. So in a couple of days that horrible lump will be exorcised. I'm glad to hear that!


Yes, we don't approve of horrible lumps. Begone, lump.


All self-respecting lumps should have got the message. Only lumps allowed are wombats.

Johan A

Well, I'd make an exception for heffalumps. They are horrible, but sort of OK. Yes, I know Piglet wouldn't agree.

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