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October 16, 2003




Medical care in Helsinki is good, no need to worry. US system is very unequal: if you have good HMO or other private insurance you are in very good hands. On the other hand, if you have no insurance like ca. 20% of US population, you are screwed. Go to county hospital and pray. Even then you may get slapped with thousands of dollars of hospital fees. I know one person who had to declare bankruptcy in his 20s because he got benign brain tumor that had to be treated with expensive operations. He is only now back on his feet, 10 years later.

And don't get me started with the malpractice lawsuit circus here in US... That alone jacks up the hospital rates, even driving some doctors out of business!

Long live universal health care! Get well soon, Jukka! Best regards to you Sari!


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