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November 06, 2003



It's there, it's bloody there! No jinx here, that's Mr. Makkonen's job. I just... never mind.

It looks well and good. Now all we need is some detergent (or what you call it) in order to operate the thing. It's a Zanussi. It needs a name.


How about "Mr Cleanie", as a name I mean.
Well it was just a silly suggestion...


Onko pesukone mies vai naispuolinen... itse ehdottaisin jotain typerää, mutta en sano mitään, joten annan vain listan oudoista feminiineistä ehdotuksista:
Maija Poppanen
PikkuBorg (tämänkin voi tietysti ymmärtää naispuoliseksi...)

Parasta lopettaa, ennen kun nolaan itseni lopullisesti...

Veriveli und Saripee2

Yo, blood brother, and Saripee1: The main function of the
dear machine is to take the dirt away, "veks" as you
"stadilaiset" so nicely put it, so... "VeksVeli" (Vexi to the friends) sounds quite nice
after a few drinks over here. Your mileage may vary.

Also, as the dear machine is your latest family member,
how about "Kuopus"? Naah, too plain...

Saripee2 suggests F3C7 (meaning, of course, our golden friend
C3PO, but refuses to remember that correctly).

"Humanitary Help" also springs to mind (nicknamed "Humis"),
now that we read the Text TV News. (I believe you'll
find "Hard Days Night" (Hardis) not too suitable, anyhow).

Of course, a good old hard worker name might just be "it"
(eikä nyt puhuta siitä, terveisiä Juhalle), so how about
"Paavo" (nicknamed "Lippis")?

"Puhtoinen lähiöni"? (Puhis, or Lähis, as you wish).

"ÄKSY"? (Ärsyttävien keittiövälineiden siivousyksikkö,
Cleaning Unit for Necessary Tableware).

And, of course the obvious suggestion will be just the
thing that got you the dear machine in the first place:
"PMS"! (Are we clever, or are we clever? Wait! Don't answer!)
PMS being, as you surely guessed: "PesuMaSiina", or
"Paskat Menkööt Sihtiin", or "Pese Meidän Sotkumme",
or, "Pelkästään Meidän Siivoojamme",
or, "Pyydä Muistaessasi Selitystä!",
(what do you mean "that's obscure"? How should _we_ know, it's your dishwasher!)
or (ta-dam!) "Precious Muck Stripper".
(Notice the "ratkiriemukas" Tolkien reference).

Well, we guess this is the point we made fools of ourselves,
(see Marko, we are not wussies, and not afraid of that), and
since all the booze is done anyway, we quit the
"tajunnan-olavi-virta" at this point.

Welcome, the new family member, whatever you will be called!

PS: (What's wrong with "Za-Nussi", anyway?)

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