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January 15, 2004



Okeydokey. Make sure the man keeps eating his purple haze and keep us posted.

The web is a really wonderfully strange collection of information. I went over to the Darwin Awards page ( to get some funny little quote or something uplifting to end my mail with. Well, over there I stumbled over a discussion about VHEMT or "The voluntary human extainction movement". This sounded most intriguing (those of you who know me know why, those of you who don't are welcome to ask me about my opinions on this matter) and so I ended up on . Over there I found a list of links that looked very interesting and through one of those links I learned that I have (some years ago already) been awarded "The Golden Snip Award"! ( Wheee! Happy-happy! Joy-Joy! I can't wait to get that award gif up on my personal web page. :)


Still no idea what this all is about. I talked with Maija yesterday and she said that NOW they have so much info that they ought to be able to figure out pretty much everything that's wronk with me - and they may even do that! I'll be calling her next Tuesday and hopefully we'll all be a bit wiser then.

I'm eating my purple pills all right. They taste like number of things I'd rather not taste, but hopefully all of this will make me eventually better. Not healthier, I have to add, since that is something I think is not achievable thru normal medication.

I'd very much like to be OK.

Congrats on your award, Ben! Just you wait for my J-H H-recension RSN. I'm actually working on it.

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