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February 24, 2004



I'm still suffering from Kal Ho Naa Ho addiction, and I really must get my own copy of the movie to obsess over :). Still, I am going to get a second hand copy of Chalte Chalte from pretty soon.

"Especially noteworthy is Aman's training montage where he does kung-fu like moves and lifts weights to music in order to train for his mission as an assassin."

This is, of course, included to attract more female audience to the movie theatres, despite the film's subject matter, just so they can ogle Hrithik's good looks and muscles :). He did, after all, create mass hysteria with Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai.

BTW, Mission Kashmir is widely available for rental in Finland, though I suspect some viewers have had quite a shock expecting a pure action movie, and instead got a Bollywood action movie with songs and dances instead. I think MK is more "fun" and has great songs, as your said, but IMO Fiza is a more thoughtful exploration of the subject matter.

"lots of broken glass" in One 2 Ka Four:
What is it with these guys and broken glass??? I think at every even remotely action oriented BW film has at least one fight (often more) where somebody is thrown/kicked/punched/whatever through a glass wall.

Sari, do you want a copy of this year's Filmfare Awards after I've downloaded them (if the files are not enormous)? Several people have reported that SRK and Saif were hilarious as hosts (and spoke mostly English, so it would even be sort of understandable).

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