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February 22, 2004




A great news for gays indeed. I expect a great court battle between City of SF and various conservative interests. Schwarzenegger is claiming the Mayor has no right to give out marriage licences since it is against state law. Mayor claims that state law is unconstitutional since it is discriminating based on gender. This will be an interesting prior case and will probably drag on with appeals in several courts.

Prez Bush is making vague noises about amending US Constitution to outlaw gay marriages. Incredible hypocrisy considering that Republicans are usually the ones clamoring for STATE rights vs. strong federal government.
Anyway it is highly unlikely to work out since:

1) It requires 2/3 of both Congress and Senate to vote for amendment AND THEN
2) 3/4 of ALL states have to vote for it.

99% of proposed amendments have not passed.



Yup, it seems that the amendment would be dead in already in Senate. Oxblog organised a headcount ( ) of senators and seems like not only does an amendment against gay marriage seem to lack the 2/3 majority, the senators against it seem to have a simple majority. So even if Oxbloggers have few of the senators in the wrong column, FMA is dead in the water.

Me, I'm thinking Karl Rove is thinking this election is less about the swing voters and more about getting your supporters to go out and vote on the day.

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