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February 28, 2004


Ben the Barber

Your mentioning of the movies "Invincible Barbarian" and "Barbarians" brings back memories of the movie "Barbarian Queen" (I think that was the Finnish name of this movie; yes I know that's in English but these things happen). We rented this movie with Mr Sami T. years and years back and what I remember best is the tag-line on the cover of the video. It was something like "No man could touch her naked steel!". Yes, Sami and I laughed all the way back from the video store and probably through the whole miserable movie too. (No, I don't really remember enything about the movie itself).


Wot? Can't remember what happened in Barbarian Queen? First the bad guys ransack the village, then the BQ wows revenge, gathers up this pathetic excuse for a warbad (three other women) and marches to the city of the bad dude. They are all inprisoned, one dies and then BQ's sister kills the baddie.

Now, as to what happes in Barbarian Queen II...!

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