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March 06, 2004



The Second, Sari. Not the First... But who cares?
Beijing has no snow, just wind. Would you guys like to have some? The wind is blowing from north-east, and it will continue like that until late April or so. We're taking bets when the sand arrives.


Tampere has a lot of sunshine right now. And the birds are singing...


Also in the first from my point of view Teemu, remember we come from an all "white" family. :-)


I'm hooome! It was so good to see you, and your wall of snow. Lots of snow in Storvreta too. Had another glass of wine on the plane, so will go to bed soon.



And it was a lot of fun hanging out with you too, Néa! Next time, more Helsinki and more spices (that is, if young master Jophan pops in too).

I've been drinking beer. And some silly Bacardi Breeze(?) lemonade-drinks at Sir Olavi pub, with the Olavi Virta Society. My blood-brother was rather inebriated. Thanks for the bheer! (Tanks for the beer?)

Now (seriously), sleep.


It is still hard for me with my "mixed" blood to see Finland fighting alongside with Germany in the Great War. Jaegers and what they did near Riga is a different matter, of course. Hurrah for those brave lads! Anyway, to Jukka's beer comment: foreign wines are ridiculously expensive in this country, but luckily ALL the other stuff is cheap: a pint of beer in my regular Japanese lunch-restaurant cost 50 cents...

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