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April 21, 2004



"I bet Cherry is blooming in Princeton..."

Dunno about the "Garden State", but at least in our local park they're in full bloom.

Nice blog; didn't know you had one.


PBS documentaries? I bought two of those last year, Ken Burns's Baseball on 9VHSs and Civil War on 3DVDs. They last 18h 50min and 11h 30min respectively. They are such a comprehensive studies on their subjects so I guess that is what makes them appealing.

I always thought fandom people would find nothing more contrary to their liking than documentaries, but I seem to have been mistaken. We don't have PBS here, but at least we have Dokumenttiprojekti on TV2 and Doc Point Festival held annually in January. Errol Morris you could say is my favorite documentarist and I'm so glad he won the Oscar this year. I have five of his films on tape.

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