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July 04, 2004



Heh. Greece. I'll be... Not great football but as a fan of the plodding Germany and what with the Vitor Baia scandal (and it goes without saying that Vitor, would have read the corner better than Ricardo) I am quite happy with the result. And team Voitto was 10 059 of the almost 160 000 fantasy football teams taking part so that was not too shabby either.


Bally Greeks!

Greeks!?! Who knew they could play the beautiful game? The same team that lost to our Glorious Finnish national team 5-1 at Olympiastadion about three bloody years ago is now the bestest team in Europe. Like the very best after Brasil in the whole wide world. Like. How come Greece managed to turn their course from abysmal Finland-game into something like this, while our boys are barely drawing with such jiants like Azerbaidjan.

Portugese are once again humiliated and defeated. So close, yet soooooooo-o far. Learn to effing score! Pauleta: "I've saved all my goals to the final match.". Pshaw!

Not that I'm that dissappointed. I could've lived even with Holland winning, yet alone the Mighty Greeks! Was there Zeus playing as the midfielder? Was it not the Colossus of Rhodes and the spirit of Thermopylai holding the lines against the whirlwind that was (or should've been) Portugal?

Heaven and Hellas! Not bad, calimeros. Paragallo!


Onnea Sari!
Tunnustan paremmuutesi tässä mainiossa kisassa: itse päädyin sijalle 23269 pistemäärällä 214. Pohjolan poikien murska-alku sekä Matchday 5 kokonaisuudessaan painoivat tulosta pahasti alaspäin. Ja Tottia saisi joku ampua polvilumpioon. Tai vaikka molempiin... Tai leikata edes sen hiukset! Mielenkiintoista on se, että pärjäsin niinkin hyvin vaikka pelaajani pääsääntöisesti hävisivät otteluitaan. Pari helmeä kuten Zizou, Lampard ja Maniche olivat suureksi avuksi. Itsekin luotin aluksi Saksaan. Eipä olisi pitänyt...


Siinä sitä näkee kuinka valtavan eron muutama hassu piste tekee. Team Voiton yhteispisteet olivat 231 siis vaivaiset 17 pistettä paremmat ja sijoitukset ovat toisella kymmentuhatluvulla. Minulla pohjolan pojat napsivat alussa mukavasti pisteitä. Matchday kolme oli katkera pettymys, mutta lopussa kirin varsin mukavasti kun luotin Kreikan toppareihin, veskaan (en kai minä nyt sitä Ricardoa sinne voinut pistää) ja Charisteasiin kärjessä.


Looks like I pretty much predicted here the outcome of the tournament after Greece vs. Spain match (I'm referring to my "Sana hallussa" comment). People who underestimated the Greeks seemed to forget they did not concede a single goal in their last six victorious qualifying matches. Had any traditional footballing nation managed that feat, they would have surely been one of the pre-tournament favorites. And even after the tournament, not all give the Greeks the credit they deserve. They were the only team to score a goal in every match the played, yet they are labelled as an ultra-defensive team. In defense they tackled suberbly and played skillful football. Yet Mixu Paatelainen did not pick any Greeks for his all-star team, instead he chose Sol Campbell over Traianos Dellas. The Greeks were certainly more exciting than any German team I've seen in a decade. I can't wait to see more Greek miracles this summer. How about Greece beating U.S. basketball team (formerly known as the Dream Team) in the Olympic final?


Now that's all Greek to me! Everybody knows the classical list of lies:
1) lies
2) cursed lies
3) statistics

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