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July 11, 2004



Dead tired and nearly succumbed to that same flu Sari has been having /g/i/v/i/n/g/ /t/o/ /m/e/. More about Finncon hopefully by tomorrow, if I'll manage find myself well by Tuesday morning. I can feel my throat starting to hurt and by dose bhillimg wub bith pleghm... phlegm... goo. Mein Gott, what are these hot flashes? Am I menopausing?


Great Finncon, I'm just now working on the pictorial report for Enhörningen. By the way I also want to thank Sari for this wonderful Finncon-flu. (Well to be totally honest the origin of the flu can of course be any of the 3000+ Finncon-visitors.)


Jeah. I dodge and didn't get flu or maybe I rushed so much place to place that it did't keep up with me. Anyway, official count of visitors were 5000+

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