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September 10, 2004



Miksi näitä oikein aina pitää koittaa...? no tuloksena on Andreas Vilhelmsson


Huikea juttu! On meinaan myös China Miévillen ruotsalainen nimi! Siis Andreas Vilhelmsson.


Tarkoittaako tuo sitä, että Chinan suomalainen nimi on Marko Kivelä? Hurjaa.


och jag heter Agneta Davidsson. Jag hoppade att jag skulle ha varit Agneta Fältskog från ABBA, men tyvärr inte... (apologies to all Swedish speakers for mangling your language :)).



Jag heter Hanna Högdahl och jag är en barnmorskestuderande.

Ben "Karhu" Mäyräkoira

Meikä on sitten nykyään Björn Robertsson.


Är Olivia mer svenskt än Ylva? Efternamnet är Carlsson, med C(!). Jag föredrar Karlsson med K, svenskt och bra såsom kungen.


Jag heter Pertonella Eriksson! Vad fiffiga namn, eller vad!


Theres Andersson. En tiennytkään moisen etunimen olemassaolosta...


Mikael Carlsson. Mielenkiintoista, naapurissamme oli tämän niminen ikäiseni poika kun olin skidi. Ehkä äitimme vaihtoivat meidät lapsina? Toisaalta, nyt olen sitten sukua Ylvalle - ja Johan C:lle (John Ronald Reuel Tolkien)!

Johan A

I knew it all along, Finns are nothing but Swedes in disguise... ;-p

"Är Olivia mer svenskt än Ylva?" Er, I've never heard of an Olivia here, I know more than a dozen Ylvas. In other words, no.

"apologies to all Swedish speakers for mangling your language". The mangling consisted of dropping the final "s" of "hoppades"...

Every time I post in this blog, I'm faced with the inscrutable choice of Esikatsele and Kirjoittaja. Some day I'm going to press to wrong button, the one that means "10 seconds to self-destruction"... and I hope that "Muista tietoni?" doesn't mean "Spam you?"


I swear that before the program has always been in English, and only the last time I wrote here it said "Esikatsele" and "Kirjoittaja" and since the latter means "the writer" and not "send" I had trouble first figuring what button I was supposed to klick. Plus it didn´t function at first.

Should I have said "fiffig" instead of "fiffiga"?

P.S. It did it again! If I preview the text, I can´t send the message before I write my name and address the second time. Strange.


Neither Sari nor I have any idea why Typepad just decided to change our language setting into Finnish. It still says in our Control Panel Language Settings that the chosen lingo is "UK English", yet most of the program has been in Finglish lately.

"Kirjoittaja" indeed...

I have now changed the Display Configuration Language back to English. We'll see how long this'll stay this way. Apparently Typepad has added some additional properties to it's software, like Finnish as a default language for all the Finnish customers. Too bad they didn't use a Finn for that job.

Toisaalta, eipä sitä aina huomaa esim. Babek Nabelinkaan suomennoksista... ;-)

Johan A

>>Should I have said "fiffig" instead of "fiffiga"?

Nope, plural noun, plural adjective. You used the correct form. The "eller" isn't idiomatic Swedish, though. Fiffig means "smart, intelligent", though (at least in rikssvenska) and not "nifty, cute" so it looks a bit strange... but grammatically it's correct!

>>Too bad they didn't use a Finn for that job.

S/he probably had a first cousin who used to date a Finn. I used to proofread texts like that. Sometimes I didn't know if the client was pulling my leg or not.


"The "eller" isn't idiomatic Swedish, though."

Yes, it is, and it means "or" (or in Finnish "tai, vai"). See


Johan A

>>Yes, it is, and it means "or" (or in Finnish "tai, vai"). See

Sure, the word is correct. What I meant is that it isn't *idiomatic* to write "eller vad" as a tag question after a statement. That only sounds like a one-to-one translation of the English "or what". Drop the "eller" and it becomes idiomatic Swedish.


All right! Thanks for the correction. I was confused for a moment there. :-)

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