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September 25, 2004



Heh, yes we are. Life goes on pretty much as ever, and I didn't even notice the earthquake. Check my blog for more information on the R&A films. The Kal Ho Naa Ho showing was great, with an intermission during which they offered free food contributed by Namaskaar restaurant. But, as I suspected, they didn't have subtitles in the songs :P.


They moved the Picasso? What is the world coming to?


Happy and safe travels, Sari. What are you doing over there?


Getting the final source materials I need and to consult with the professor.

Travelling is fun but I am trying to fit so much work in to one month that I am feeling like I knew more what was happening in US when I was in Finland and had more time to watch the news...


Well, just stay tuned to your local FOX affiliate and you'll know all about the guy next door who ate his babies and shot three police officers afterwards:-)

Seriously speaking, news from Finland seem a lot more violent. At least we don't have spare heads popping out of our garbage cans over here.

Shoot off an email if you're coming to New York at some point.

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