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October 03, 2004



I read about one third (or half, can't remember) of this last year for Mikael and have been waiting for it to come out, so that I can finally read the rest of the story. I really liked the "excerpt" (if you can call a huge pile of paper that ;-)), and I think I might have mentioned the book in passing then, but it was a long time ago.


I remember. I was very jealous. What was happening when you left off?


I dug up my old review of the book to look that up (it was too long ago to remember the details), and it seems I had 23 chapters of the book in that paper pile. That makes it about a third of the book, it apparently ended after the first chapter of the Jonathan Strange section.

I have the book waiting on my shelf, but at the moment I'm wading through the second part of G.R.R. Martin's huuuge Song of Ice & Fire series, so it'll be some time time before I get to it.

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