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October 06, 2004



Nothing. The basic problem seems to be that we Finns won't understand our own political and administrative system: Communal elections are by far the most important ones for an average citizen here, since the power of communal councils (is that the word?) is enormous in daily life. Take welfare, taxation, schooling, health care and transportation for example. But since most of the candidates running for the councils are normal people, not politicians or celebrities, nobody's really interested. A shame.


Well, I got a flyer through the letterbox asking me to vote for a little old lady. I will, too, if she can get me a vote...

And Finnish politics is at least better than Irish politics, which is corrupt, badly-dressed *and* boring. Go see one of the most influential politicians in the country:


Anything interesting in the elections? Well, there's always me :>


And we at the Muffins completely support Mike "Mallen" Pohjola's bid for city council. Turku city council needs some bodice ripping...

Seriously, though I find it interesting that this year the candidate lists have contained more familiar names than ever before. Is our "pullamössösukupolvi" actually getting socially and politicaly more active? Or are we just getting to that age when every generation meets the political establishment at some meaningfull/less level?

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