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October 14, 2004



About the lack of good science fiction movies in our century:
You are right, where is the Blade Runner or Strange Days or 12 Monkeys or Gost in the Shell of our new and shiny 21st century?
I suppose we just have to wait a couple of years more, though I have a nagging feeling I have forgotten some IMHO really great new science fiction movie. But I really havee to oppose this mentioning of Cypher/Brainstorm as a good example of any kind of movie. Cypher is as much a good movie as Paycheck is; I consider them both a total waste of time, we are talking A.I. grade of crap here!
Some good science fiction movies that have come out during these first years of the new millennium (the links go to the reviews at Enhörningen): Cowboy Bebop - The Movie (good, dramatic action movie), Equilibrium/Cubic (action oriented, but with some attempts at deeper science fiction philosophics), Impostor (nice twisted Philip K. Dick-story), Mission to Mars (good old space sf) and Soderbergh's version of Solaris (not original, but very good).
I admit that none of these is the new Blade Runner, but they are all good science fiction movies, definitely all of the better than Cypher. ;)


I'm inclined to disagree with most films on your list. Haven't seen Cowboy Bebop or the new Solaris - though I could've loaned the previous one many a time from various sources and the latter one Sari borrowed and watched while I slept (it was during the NHL) - so I can't comment on those. But Cubic was at best adequate (I'd use "ihan kiva" here, with the added veneer of a smirking Marko Kivelä delivering the line...), while Impostor managed to entertain me for a long period of time, but not ultimately the whole lenght of it (I understand it was originally only a one part of a proposed three-story film made longer when the other two never materialised?). And I did like Mission to Mars the same way you did, and apparently no-one else pretty much did not.

I don't have that high hopes for Cypher (is it Brainstorm in Finnish, like Cubic is Finnish for Equilibrium?!) since I never really liked Cube that much.


Sorry to correct Jukka, but it was Mr. Reynolds who mentioned "Cypher", not me - although I do like the film. The only really good sf-movie I mentioned from the last five years was "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" ("Tahraton mieli" in Finnish) which is still playing in the theaters - go and catch it!

I do also love "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" that is coming to Finland in about a month. It's not something that I would put on the list of the most intelligent sf-films, but the sheer fun of it! Haven't seen or felt anything like this since the first Star Wars! Just eye-popping retrofuturistic fun with a storyline that's lifted straight from the serial films of the 1930's. Yesss!

About the films mentioned by Ben the only one that is any good is Cowboy Bebop. Equilibrium was just stupid and didn't really work on any level, Impostor was okayish etc.


My bad. I must have already been experiencing the early symptoms of the flu I pretty much lived with the following two weeks and misheard. The discussion in question took place at the neighbouring table while I was having a chat with Fionna and Josette.

I have a confession to make: I've seen just one (1) film at the cinema this year. To add insult to injury, the film was Troy...

Yeah, sad really, but the only way I seem to be able to restain myself from murdering those loud-mouthed, giggling, ill-behaving little teenage bastards that are the cancer of modern movie-experience, is to stay out of the theaters. Too many a times have I went to see a movie, just to be near-violently agitated by all that obnoxious muttering and laughing-at-soooooooooo-wrong-places, that I have nearly given up cinema. Which is a real bummer.

And I too am rather excitedly waiting for the Captain Tomorrow since it sounds exactly what the doctor ought to have ordered. I may even decide to go and see it at a theater as this sounds like something even the stooopid teenagers cannot spoil with their inane chatter. Hopefully...

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