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October 28, 2004




Don't know how they managed to re-invent themselves but Sox were just awesome this season, especially their pitchers. Cardinals did not have a chance.

There's going to be a victory parade in Boston this Saturday says mayor Menino. A LOT OF PEOPLE are going to be in town for that one.


Yes, they finally did it! Though I’m sure there were some superstitious fans who thought before the fourth game that after becoming the first team to overcome a 0-3 situation to win the pennant, they were now going to be the first team to blow a 3-0 lead in the World Series. A lot has happened since they last won the Series. Ironically, 9/11 1918 was the date for the sixth and deciding game against the Cubs. I just read one 98-year old fan commenting that their victory wasn’t much celebrated because of the Great War and the fact they had won it five times during the previous seven years. The world was in turmoil in 1918, but baseball was still one year from losing its innocence. Even though selling Ruth was clearly a loss for Red Sox, perhaps he wouldn’t have become such legend in the 1920’s and helped baseball survive the White Sox scandal of 1919 if he had stayed in Boston.

The year 1918 marked the birth of their greatest hitter ever, Ted Williams (1918-2002). He was just a one-week old baby when the Series started. Ruth’s home run records may have been broken but no man has bat .400 since Williams did it in 1941. Now, that Boston finally succeeded, it must be Chicago’s turn somewhere in the near future. The White Sox have not won since 1917, and the Cubs since 1908. And how about Washington D.C now that baseball returns to the capital. Washington Senators claimed their only championship in 1924 with their legendary pitcher Walter Johnson.


Hmm... I had to go to the archives for this one but it seems that I predicted it right last October. Chicago White Sox did indeed win their first World Series since 1917 this year with a commanding performance in the postseason during which they lost only one game.


Well predicted. Sorry about my unability to come and watch any of the games, but I've been swamped with stuff. Hopefully one of these days, years, etc. Especially if Mets are go! GO METS!!! Now, if only they'd know where to go. :(

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