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October 20, 2004


Johan A

>> I'm saddened. I'm unable to go to Kööpenhamina


I had been looking forward to seeing you. Göteborg next year?


Go Sox! The darned machine won't open my e-mail so I this is just to say that I am in NYC and all is OK.


Hurrah! I mean that Kuutti is OK and in NYC.

Not so good about Köpenhamn, as I really would've liked to go and meet all of you guys. As to Göteborg, I have already decided to go, but it all comes down to money (as it often does). We were talking about this in Stockholm, with Ben and Ahrvid, while walking to Globen and I think that the Finnish contingency of that promenadial troop was seriously considering the participation.

What the heck, shure I'll be there!

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