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November 03, 2004



I'm calling it a night. It seems like the blasted americans have elected a president the rest of the world didn't deserve. Hate-mongering idiots, gay-bashing rednecks, homophobic born-again dimwits. I'm at loss.

Then again, this may all be just one of my many nightmares. Here's hoping for it...


Unfortunate decision for the Americans and for the rest of the world. Though Bush still needs to face a curse that has lasted twice as long as the one just broken by Red Sox. It is called the 20-year curse cycle. Since 1840, every fifth quadrennial election has produced president that has either died in office for natural causes, been murdered, or at least been seriously wounded.

1840: William Henry Harrison dies within a month of the election.
1860: Abraham Lincoln assassinated during his second term in 1865.
1880: James Garfield assassinated in 1881.
1900: William McKinley assassinated in 1901.
1920: Warren Harding succumbs to a stroke in 1923.
1940: Franklin Roosevelt suffers a fatal stroke in 1945.
1960: John Kennedy assassinated in 1960.
1980: Ronald Reagen is wounded in an assassination attempt in 1981. Though his wounds are more severe than Garfield's in 1881, he survives because of the modern medical treatment.
2000: George W. Bush?.

Someone should come up with a more catchy name for this curse. William Henry Harrison was called "Old Tippecanoe", so maybe you could derive something from that. Any suggestions?


Old Tippecurse?


Älkää nyt viitsikö. En ole ymmärtänyt tätä "kuka tahansa on parempi kuin Yrjö" -retoriikkaa, jota olen saanut kuulla pitkin vuotta. Vaikka olen itsekin tyytymätön USA:n toimintaan useissa asioissa, lienee syytä ottaa lusikka kauniiseen käteen: Bush Jr. on rehellinen ja suora periaatteen mies, jonka arvomaailma on monissa asioissa sama kuin miljoonien ja taas miljoonien amerikkalaisten. Ja jo pitkään on valitettu idealismin ja periaatteiden katoamista politiikasta. Amerikka todisti tämän valituksen turhaksi, sillä jos talous ja sosiaaliturva olisivat ratkaisseet, olisi Pennsylvania Avenuelle valittu Kerry.

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