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February 02, 2005



Well, the only time there is room to move is in the morning. Around tea-time there are so many people that you just can't go, you want to run and hide in a cave, somewhere where there are no people around you.

I used to work in a book store. I know. I don't miss these "sales" a bit. And with euro, you can't call the prices cheap any more.

I got in and out of the Tapiola Akateeminen and Suomalainen kirjakauppa in 20 minutes this morning at 8 am. Got what I wanted.

Johan A

Do they also print huge, cheap crappy editions of bestsellers just for the "sale," like they do here in your westerly neighbour?


My understanding is that this is the case nowadays. Don't know about the "huge, cheap and crappy", but sale editions nevertheless.

My huge haul from the sale was two books: Michael Flynn's In the Country of the Blind (an AH-book I've wanted for some time already, so I was happy) and a Susanna Gregory's Matthew Bartholomew -medieval whodunnit. At this point the books are going at half-price, so an occasional good finds are to be made, but with all that crowd and heat it isn't really worth it. I may stumble in there once and a while, but am more looking towards the time the prices start to come down a bit more.

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