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April 13, 2005



I seem to be Brother Logging Chain of Looking at All Sides of the Question. Just call me Brother Mouthful.


My name is Brother Broadsword of The Short Path


Mine is Sister Howitzer of Desirable Mindfulness.


The Claymore of Reasoned Discussion, at your service!


Brother Boot Knife of Courteous Debate! I like that one.


I tried this already when I found it in Tarjas blog, but here it goes again...
I'm Brother Sword of Mild Reason, and you knew it all along.

Peter Elk

Only the a San Franciscan come up with something like "Unitarian Jihad;-)"

Hauskaa Wappua!

Peter Elk

What the hell happened to my witty comment?! Try again:

Only a San Franciscan can come up with something like "Unitarian Jihad."

Hauskaa Wappua!

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