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June 30, 2005


Johan A

I've already read Tero's report. And I'm sorry I missed the game. I don't follow soccer, so I didn't even know it was played, but if I had known, I'd have tried to watch it. Hmm, but our TV reception doesn't work right now, so I wouldn't have been able to anyway. Suddenly I realize we have to arrange to I don't miss the World Cup next year...

Anyhow... Swecon report!


It was a beautiful game of the beautiful game, no doubt about it.

And Germany managed the minimum and beat Mexico, even playing one mand down most of the second half and the continuation. Props to Klinsman for making _Germany_ play positive and exciting football, though it makes me very confused: I am so used to defend my favourites plodding kick-the-ball-around-for-90-minutes-and-then-Germany-wins game that it takes a while to get used to the new Germany which apparently has a permanent open doors day at the defence but also scores beautiful goals.


Both games were great. Germany-Mexico was even exciting, superb goals from both sides. Hanke lost his temper and deserved his red card. Dreisler let us see some tricks that people are used to see only from latino players and Sari's favourite Bastian Schweinsteiger showed that he will be one of the best in the future. And Borgetti? They keep admiring his head for a reason.
Brazil just CRUSHED Argentina. There is nothing to be said, except the same I have been shouting already for some time: GET RID OF ROQUE JR.!!! And Argentina was typically Argentinian again: fast, technical and nasty. But against "The Chosen Ones" you have to be something else: you have to be better than the best.


I don't want to downplay any of the performances in the Confederations Cup, but the problem with the tournament is that it really does not go the history books, no matter how well you played. After the World Cup, nobody in Brazil will regard Confederations Cup as a consolation, if the national team doesn't do well. And at least in the years gone by, not all continental champions have been interested in participating or sending the best team available.

But that being said, this year's edition sounds like it was much better than usual (although I did not see any of the games), and great football is great football regardless of the tournament where it is played.

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