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June 15, 2005



I just relized what this means. Beware!


I saw it (didn´t pay for the ticket, wouldn´t have) and thought that it had had a slight, maybe very small, but nonetheless theoretical inkling of a possibility of being an OK-ish film (not good, mind you). Before the "actor" playing Anakin was cast for the role.

Oh, well. At least there won´t be any more of these films. Hopefully.


Neal Stephenson dissects the latest SW movie in NY Times:

Not altogether coherent rant, but he *has* a point.


Smart man, is Mr. Stevenson. I think he is absolutely on the button about the less-is-more-aesthetics of the early films which gets progressively more diluted as Lucas got more money and more computers. In the new films the people get lost in the midst of all the 'fab things and creatures' (the bar scene in the first film worked so well *because* it was the exception). I haven't seen the Revenge, but judging by the trailers things have only gotten worse.

As far as the 'geeking' and 'vegging out', time will tell...

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