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July 17, 2005


Johan A

Yes, I would *definitely* want to come to a fannish Finnish con! (At least if it was held relatively close to Turku or Helsinki.)


Really meet a GOH? Well, that has been mostly very easy in Finncons as the GOH's normally sit between their program items in the bar waiting eagerly for the fans to come and talk with them - at least that has been the case in Helsinki. So it isn't that hard even in larger conventions.

And isn't Tähtivaeltaja-day the kind of small con you're talking about (without the admittance fee)? Last time there were two great GOHs - Alastair Reynolds & Ray Loriga - and about 60 hardcore fans from all over Finland. Hopefully this year it will be something similar in an even cosier place.

And if you're just wanting to talk with other Finnish fans there are always the pub meetings (in Helsinki they attract something like 30-40 fans every other week), Viikinsaari & Suomenlinna & etc once a year and of course this year also the Harry Harrison picnic just last weekend in Jyväskylä. All free of charge of course.

But yeah, the more the merrier. As long as somebody else is putting it up. I'll be there. Just don't know why you would need the admittance fee...

Johan A

>>isn't Tähtivaeltaja-day the kind of small con you're talking about (without the admittance fee)?<<

That was my impression too, but never having been to one... yet. I will consider going to one soon.

The membership fee is to pay for the venue and travel costs for the GoH. If those costs can be fixed in another way, a membership fee wouldn't be necessary, of course. And I think Finndom could pull that off, since your contacts with publishers and other would-be spoonsors are good. But if the intended membership size is only 100-200, sponsors are harder to find...


I'd enjoy a smaller Finnish con, with the traditional membership fee etc. My only problem is that outside of the summer, my weekends are often occupied with rehearsals.

[btw, your script to stop multiple commenting has a bug: it prevented me commenting without an email address, and now counts that as a comment post. So I'll just sit here (im)patiently waiting...]


About financing a small con. On my past experience I'd say that raising something like one to two thousand euros or even more for a small free con shouldn't be any problem (not so sure about one with membership fee though).

And the costs of arranging a small one or two day con with one GoH can be held in the vicinity of 1500 to 2500 euros. So if the organising association can put up something like 500-1000 euros, no membership fee is necessary.

Of course one might want to have a membership fee just to keep the happening strictly hardcore - but in Finland where people are used to free cons that might stop even some of the most active fans.

And I must admit that I love the Finnish tradition of cons with no membership fees. Hopefully that idea will catch fire in other countries too!

Johan A

Yes, cons with free entrance is a great way of getting new people on the scene. I think it's great that you have those, and I'd love to have them here as well. But I think a small nominal fee, say €5, would be a great thing for some smaller cons, because it will weed out the passers-by who aren't really interested. Both methods have their pros and cons (no pun intended).

A typical expense budget for a Swecon (three days, 200 members) with two GoHs looks like this:

GoH 1 travel: €350
GoH 1 expenses: €150
GoH 1 hotel: €600
GoH 2 travel: €350
GoH 2 expenses: €150
GoH 2 hotel: €600
Rent for site: €3,000
Programme book: €500
Transportations: €300
Light & sound equipment: €250
PR & web site: €300

This adds up to about €6,500. That's what the concom has to find.

Mats Pekkari

hey you crasy finns I hade a realy great time haveing you around. Nice to hear you enjoying your stay at my place. And that you like Invader zim is great. You most have it your life is meaningless with out zim. *grin*

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