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August 07, 2005



Hi Sari and Jukka,

Wish I was there. However, based on the WorldCons I have been attending (1990, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2004) they don't necessarily have any better panels than smaller cons. A tiny ReaderCon here in Boston, with only two hundred guests or so, had better panels, on average, than any WorldCon. The most enjoyable aspects of WorldCons are social, so go to parties! :) European WorldCons have better parties, IMHO.

If you see Anetta and Pekka, say hi for me!

Best regards,



It isn't so much the size of the con but my firm belief that panel discussion as a form of programming is ultimately unsatisfying. I am yet to see "a serious" panel that I honestly thought was good. Then again, I am not a great fun of talk-shows either. I suppose I don't like a format where there is no time to really drive a point through. Panels waffle.

I am blogging from the Glasgow airport, Jukka already got off to Helsinki via Bryssels, I am continuing to London for few days in the British Library.


Back at home, finally. A great trip, lots of good memories and ideas; both Finncon 2006 and other wise. Met a LOT of people, several known via internet, some via fanzines, and some not known at all. Sorry about the un-updatenessness (erm...), but our hotel didn't have a decent service (unlike the one Kimmo was apparently staying, but did he report more than once, really...? Just kidding.).

There's lots to say and lots to write about. Hopefully to digest it all, also. Keep watching this space.

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