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August 01, 2005



Surprisingly I got: the Wit
(65% dark, 39% spontaneous, 11% vulgar)

Damned vulgarity! I'm definitely a LOT more vulgar than 11 per cent! Aren't I? Kakkapissayrjö! "Haistakaa kukkanen, Pikku Kakkonen. Tänään olen onnellinen!!!" Eläköön Martti Servo!


the Prankster
(39% dark, 34% spontaneous, 38% vulgar)

What? I haven't done a practical joke in ages!

This must be because I like South Park. I left one question empty b/c I hated Big Lebowski and did not even see the other three movies.


I, too, got The Wit, 69% dark, 34% spontaneous, 33% vulgar.

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