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September 26, 2005



Sorry about your troubles, but after two hard-drive meltdowns in about as many years, I can say from experience that macs aren't perfect either... Though they are usually much more easy to use :).


Hard-drive meltdown I can take. That is hardware and it breaks, that is the nature of things. But the fact that Windows just wobbles and dies without no apparent reason just drives me mad. I mean I think the reason is that my f-secure and new iTunes just didn't like each other - I uninstalled iTunes and the system _seems_ better - but I am not computer savvy enough to know If I am right. And even if I am: no iTunes. Stupid Computer.


Ooops! Reminds me of back-uping my 100 or so Chinese articles I have downloaded during the week. I've been using iTunes enough to make me feel insecure... It would be irritating to return home with only some laundry.

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