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September 25, 2005



Doing a happy dance over here. Happy, happy, joy, joy.


Good to hear things are good! How is your e-mail by the way? Still not good?

Great to see your thoughts about the new Galactica. I just watched the last episodes of season one this pas wekend and thought to my self "this is something I would like to hear Jukkahoos opinion on", and now I have it. What a wonderful world. ;)

Yes, I loked the new Galactica also. Nice adult themes in there, not so black-and white characters, not just young main characters and so on. A lot of positives in my book.

I wondered a bit about the Hugo, though. The winning episode "33" was OK, but I thought that "Bastille Day" was a much much better one. Very interesting themes, nice "cameo" of Richard Hatch (the Apollo from the old series).

All in all a very good series by my books also. Can't wait to get season 2 on DVD.




Sad to hear your Cyborg period has to come to an end. Alas, it was metallic as long as it lasted...
...and about the HHGTTG, I did tell you on STAGE at Escon that it was
total P**CE OF CRA*!

BG rules, also the new Rome serie looks nice, but sounds bad.


I've been hearing pleasant murmurs of this Roma thingye. You wouldn't happen to have it?

And yes, I do remember your warning, but the fact of the matter was - and here is the shocking truth - I was driven out of our apartment (it was Auntie Mob meeting at our place) and I just wandered to the cineplex and checked the next available showing. Then I flipped coin between HHGTTG and - ghasp! - Wedding Crashers or somesuch (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn "comedy"), since those two were the only movies running within next hour and a half and HHGTTG won that toss.

And yes, Ben: "scidotfi wörkkii taas".

The "33" isn't the best episode in my book either. There is a lot tension, but seriously little to go for in the end. Then again, at the time I was fairly miffed about "Smile Time" not winning and this may have some bearing on my initial opinion of both the episode and the whole show.

Now this is actually interesting: I had very low expectations for the new Galactica. I was more than ready to hate it, not that the original was close to mon coeur. Seriously, was the original classic or good enough to actually merit a new beginning? Or more to the point: could anyone actually believe, that American TV would remake something and turn up with something worth watching? I am seriously delighted of being proven wrong.


Osuinpa tännekin etsiskellessäni netin syövereistä kanssasairastajia. Hieno juttu, että lymfoomanvihulainen on voitettu! Onneksi olkoon! :) Perässä tullaan kohti terveyttä hra Hodgkinin kanssa, vielä sädehoidot kesken.

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