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October 03, 2005



How about that! John Adams is one of my four favorite composers. I have attended two concerts he conducted as well as the opera Klinghoffer. I also have three DVDs (Klinghoffer, El Nîno, and Portrait) and numerous CDs. Adams seems to be the only composer that you can label (loosely) minimalist who is really highly recognized in Finland. Not including Dr. Atomic, 3 out of his 4 music theater works have been performed here (For Philip Glass that would be 1 out of 21). Adams is probably the best living American composer of music written for symphony orchestra and I think even the critics would agree with me on this one.

Klinghoffer has great moments, for example the choruses, but also parts that are quite forgettable. That's why I rank Nixon and El Nîno higher and I expect Dr. Atomic to be better.


News just came in... Philip Glass has started to write his new opera called "Appomatox" which will premiere in September 2007. I probably don't have to tell you what it is about. His earlier opera Civil Wars (1983) already featured Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and Mary Todd Lincoln. Another Glass opera "In the Penal Colony", based on the short story by Franz Kafka, will receive its Finnish premiere in March in Aleksanterinteatteri.

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