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November 21, 2005



It was very entertaining. Not as good as a play as the previous FinnBrit production I saw, Beautiful Bodies, but very entertaining none-the-less. Jokes worked, and acting was generally quite proficient. Props especially to withces who were all great, as were the duke and the duchess.

The timing suffered from the very short scenes and set changes, and there are some dramaturgical weaknessess in the play itself: there is not enough info for people who have not read the book, and some scenes are just weak or end weakly. As Jukka says, considering the space, one way of keeping the pace could have been to split the stage.

Even so, it was great fun. Even the less than comfy chairs did not really disturb the immersion into athearical illusion. And Nanny Ogg sang "wizard's staff has a nob in the end" Yay!

In other news: I have carpal tunnel and a flu. I hate the splints you have to wear and the runny nose isn't fun either.


Thanks for the (qualified) compliments! And Matilda was just saying that she never gets random compliments from Finns... :-)

The problem with splitting the stage in two is with the lights in that venue. There are only four of the "main" lights (profile spots), and it is impossible to get only one half of the stage dark, you might have noticed there was huge overspill during the one scene we did split the stage. I'm not at all convinced that another scene being setup in a "darkened" half of the stage wouldn't have completely distracted the audience.

I blame the adaptation, myself. The only way I could have seen getting around the problem was to use the same set in every scene, and have a three-sided flat painted to indicate where the scene was taking place. But there would still have been downtime for the dungeon scenes and the demon scene.

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