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March 31, 2006



Hauskinta Päitsissä on tietysti niillä noin yhdeksän vuoden ikäisillä paikalliskatsojilla, jotka ovat muutaman edellisen viikon ajan rakentaneet metsäojiin patoja saaden ylityspaikat tulvimaan oikein kunnolla! Ah, kultainen lapsuus...


We are pround to announce that Taru did (again) marvellously well - she was the only woman competing in the 'proper' classes (as opposed to the hobbyists' class) and in her engine-class (C4) 13 blokes bowed out in the middle of the race and Taru was 16th of the 18 who finished. Hooray!! She was also in a pretty good nick at the finish - able to talk and stand and smile and all that...

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