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September 20, 2006



You know that hockey season has started in Finland when HIFK is in the newspapers. If it´s not Jere then it is Frank or Matikainen or the Team itself. What would SM-liiga be without Big Reds.


It would be boring, that's what :-) Also, they play good hockey.

See you in Stockholm.

Nuff Said



Nobody ever said it was easy to be a fan... Yeah.


3-5 made me smile on the way to work this morning. LoL


Laying in bed with this flu and listening to Sportradion was truly a glimmer of pleasantness yesterday. "Och Janne räddar igen!"

Kärpät Rules

38 shots and 8 in. I guess Janne had something better to do. At least after the first period. Well, there's a nice kebab kiosk near the Oulu's icehockey hall. I guess that the whole HIFK team stayed there much more longer, than was appropriate.
But then, what the hell, kebab is yammy.

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