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November 02, 2006



Hmm... if I were more inclined to these kinds of follies, I might consider following suit... would be very good, considering how many items I decided to leave for later from this month's mafia zine.

Thankfully, I'm not.

Johan Anglemark

Yes, I wondered if that VanderMeer praise was going to feel good or uncomfortable with you!

Looking forward to those 'zines, Mr. Interesting Guy! Don't feel any pressure! ;)


Follies for everyone!

Don't get me wrong, I'm both extremely giddy and overwhelmed over Jeff's comments. I mean, over the Moon or the 3753 Cruithne or whatever orbiting bodies Earth is supposed to have nowadays. Feeling good, yes.


OK, I'll swallow the bait and try to do this NaFaWriMo stuff (as soon as the doc says my dog mauled hand is up for it, should be after monday). So, 50 000 words for zines... Does web zines count (like writing for the Enhörningen web)?


PS: If you feel down you should eat more carrots, or was it chocolate or something.
Anyhow here's a funny story to cheer you up:
What did the fanzine editor say to the dog?
Bite me!



And this Propaganda stuf...
Youtube is your friend:


Ben: I'd say posting articles on the web site should count, taking part in discussions on forums, blogs, etc. shouldn't.

If you have trouble filling the quota with Enhö-grade material, Turu Mafia Zine gladly accepts contributions. (and the same to Jukka, too.) Even a LOC will get you the next issue automatically delivered by mail (if you're not present at the mafia).


I was thinkin about joining NaNoWriMo but now the Theatre reharsal have taken over everything. And the worst part is I have to sing.

Loking forward to all new Zines.

Last a bad joke from the Karjaa first international bad jokes festival.

Why did the dog wear a watch?
Because he wanted to be a watchdog. :D


Now when Britons have cancelled Eastercon, would it be right time to do some Åcon marketing...?



We're still waiting our "launch" until we have definitely certain of our choice of location. Soon, I'd be willing to say (I'm still overwhelmed over the bidding done by the Mariehamn hotels), in a day or two.

As to Eastercon, I believe the Brits have a contingency plan going on (something called Contemplation 2007) but it'd be great to have as many of them - AND ALL OTHER NATIUONALITIES - in Åcon also. There is however our 120 membership limit to consider as well.

Marketing coming up, all over the place, methinks. RSN!

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