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May 16, 2007



Tähtivaeltajaday was fun

But now I am sitting at home reading all post about Åcon and feeling very enviouse.

Have fun and enjoy.


Thank you thank you! Åcon was feinnnnnn! (insert Scottish accent) Arrrrr!



It was indeed so much so feinnnn, that I could probably state here already that next year will see Åcon 2 happening.... but just to be on the safe side, no such announcement yet. We'll see first how people react via various blogs and commentaries, not to mention HOPEFULLY VERY INFORMATIVELY AND THOROUGHLY in Åcon website's commentary option.

Personal commentary coming here at some point. Rather sooner than later, but don't hold your breath! Fucking brilliant!


Now I think I have to go and Hang myself. I am so fucking envy on all of you.

But then again. I have my house almost painted. So I guess I won´t do it anyway. And then again there is always a possibility that next time will come. By the way I just started to read Ink and that is a better book than Vellum.

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