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May 22, 2007



I am a little worried about You swearing so much. Has Åcon Fucked up your brain or is it just the Beer? :D

Nice to see that everything worked well.


Yes, well. That's totally and completely the "fault" of Hal (that's Hal-him, not me, as in Hal-me...), since he has repeatedly called Åcon "Fucking Brilliant!" and who am I to say anything more or less than our illustrious Guest of Honour? :)

Then again, it could also be the bheer.


And a great HUGE humongous thanks to you Mr Halme, after all you carried the biggest load of Åcon with the planning of the programme and being the master of ceremonies and whatnot. So THANK YOU!



Yes! Åcon was fuckin' Åwesome! A huuuuuge thank you to JukkaHoo (and Ben & Tero & Eemeli) for organizing the best and most relaxing weekend in ages! Fandom at its very best (and noisiest). Next year again, hopefully?


He is lying about not getting the sleep, though. Because I am smart that way, and think room parties until wee hours of morning are a) fun b) integral part of hotel-cons, I brought ear-plugs. It really, honestly made me smile to wake up around 8 a.m., take out the plugs and hear Infernokrushing opera being sung next door. Go fandom!

And yes, I except a small incident of my husband acting like an idiot, I had a good time: The bar had Newkie brown, programming did not suck, Al was fucking awsome GoH, and it was great to see other nordic fans again. Also, I knitted a cute hat.


"in order to fill up the whole of hotel and thus giving us the free reins to do there whatever We want and not worry about other customers. Which we actually didn't, really."

Actually, we did. What you heard from Hal's room was, most of the time, us trying not to be too loud.



And, yes, it was a really good con. Cheers to all the organizers, Hal, and everyone else. I had a great time.


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