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July 04, 2007



Congratulations about the nominee.

You´re right on the nails head with that that Uuskumma is in a very worthy company. I have read all the books (in finnish) and are wery proud of that, and I liked them all. Mostly Jeff Vandermeers book.

See you at Finncon


While I do agree that Kirjava is doing pretty much everything right, their dominance on the shortlist also suggests that no one else is doing quite enough… Well, you can only ask for so much in such a small country, and with Vaskikirjat soon treading the path they made, we might indeed be up for some fantastic years in the near future.


True words. There are always flickers of hope from pretty much all of the bigger publishing houses, but still they continue to put out mostly this middle-of-the-road fantasy, that really screams out: "Arsenal! Booooo-oring!!!"

Nothing against well-written fat fantasy as such, but there is just too much of it. One can look at the sheer number of fantasy published in Finnish these days and wail at the percentage of decent stuff among that.

Really looking forward to what Vaskikirjat has to offer! Dunsany's translation is a Real cultural achievement of serious caliber and Lieber is such an important fantasy author that it is about time we're being exposed to the tales of Fafhrd and Grey Mauser properly.

And then there's.... Ah, I see another posting coming! But not right now.


Loki-kirjat did very well on the shortlist, too. And Yours Truly as translator :-)
But... "Real cultural achievement of serious caliber"... tästähän tulee paineita!
terveisin johanna


From a publisher's point of view I would say that one only has to look at the sales figures of that "decent stuff" published in Finnish and then start wailing for real...

But let's not go there. Congrats on the nomination, hope the anthology sells a gazillion copies. Good stuff.


And more wise words! Good to see that the e/n/e/m/y/ concerned publishing people read this little rantzine. And good work youäre doing too, sir!

I was in fact thinking of this very same thing when writing this piece, but obviously I got so entagled with my thoughts, that the whole thing just slipped my mind.

Reality of course is, that the basic and generic stuff outsells the more, dare I say it?, intelligent and thoughtful, experimental stuff. C'mon, Britney and Celine sell somewhat more copies of their abysmally mediocre (and to my ears godawful) crap, than... let's say DeVotchKa or David Sylvian! Is this good and proper? ("No!")

Wailing won't do that much good, granted, but what I'd like to see is that while the Bread&Butter -fantasy is being published, more of the so-called "Better" fantasy would get translated, acknowledged and readily available for the general public. While it is really good that the small presses are bringing us the real treats, they will never have the ability to reach out for the large, uninitiated masses.

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