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February 20, 2008



Barnsley actually, and yes, everyone in the UK except Liverpool fans laughed themselves silly. But that doesn't mean we were not cheering them every inch of the way against Inter. Have you seen the Stevie Gerrard goal yes? Sweet.

Don't forget to email me the Tähtifantasia nominees for SFAW.


Ah, tyop. :)

Haven't seen this particular Gerrard goaal, but I'm guessing it's another stunning hard kick from Way Over There that partly defines him as one of the best English footballers of his generation.

Nominees coming right up when it is available for public consumption. Toni is currently sitting on top of them.

Miksei kukaan arvuuttele? Vai eikö tätä (ghaps!) lue kukaan...?


I hope that it is J Pekka Mäkeläs book Nedut. Althought I tought that Musiikkia miesäänille ja lentäville lautasille by Howard Waldrop was a good book to.

Sometimes I get very frustrated by the way Lundell plays. It is like watching lotto. Will he play a vacumcleaner or not. It would not have been so hard to take that shot.

Liverpool, Manu, Milan, Inter all sucks. The Toons rules.


Tähtifantasia? I'm guessing Scott Lynch's Lies of Locke Lamora and Dunsany's King of Elfland's Daughter. The latest Martin? When did that come out? Stewart's Mockingbird, that would be a good choice! Was The Children of Hurin translated last year?

Based on Jukka's review, perhaps Viides tuuli should be on the Mirrormere shortlist... must check it out, then!

As for football: no comments!

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