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February 23, 2008



First picking people you want to meet and then adding a woman isn't gender equality. But I know that's not what you meant.

Liz Williams is the first one that comes to mind. Which isn't a surprise (it would be if you hadn't already considered her). I'd like to see Pat Cadigan at a Finnish convention some day -- that lady has lots to say and can say it in an extremely witty and entertaining manner. Susanna Clarke might make for a nice GoH (and of course as an added bonus you would bring her hubby too).

There are tons of others I'm sure, but these were the first off the top of my head.


Arthur C.?

(Joo, oli pakko. Sori. Tää tulee toistumaan).


Mary Gentle?


Cornelia Funke unfortunately lives in the states, but might just be in Europe for a junket or something?
And Susan Cooper is over seventy...

So crap ideas from me.


Diana Wynne Jones, of course!


How about Robin McKinley (web at and blog at

Susanna Clarke of course has the benefit of already having been translated to Finnish.


Mary Gentle, Marta Randall or Kelly Link. I can´t remember if anyone of these have ever been to Finland.


Good choices, some of them even similar that I could imagine the completely hypotetical concommittee could've already made themselves. If I'd be looking for a GoH for a convention, I might include some of these to a list of candidates.

And none of these have ever been guests at Finnish cons, Kenneth. Not even Kelly Link, who lives in the United States, nor Marta Randall, who lives in Mexico. :)

Thanks, everyone.


OK. I just tought about writers I would like to listen or talk too. Not where they lived. :D



Kelly Link and Mary Gentle get my vote.


When Americans aren't an option, the most obvious choice would of course be the great Steph Swainston!

Liz Williams might also be a good choice, but Jukka already knows that, as he has written an article about Liz for Tähtivaeltaja 3/06.

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