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March 18, 2008



I'm going. First round of beers is on me, ok?


I already commented on this post on Jukka's LiveJournal (yes, it's confusing to have identical posts on two different systems, thank you for asking), but I'm pretty sure I'm going too.


He does that? Could someone with a paid LJ account perhaps syndicate muffins, so people could read it through friends-list if they so choose? Pretty Please? Or are there a limited number of feeds you can create or something... I am woefully ignorant about how the darn thing works as I find the whole "friends" thing incredibly unappealing, and thus maintain my account only for comment purposes.


It looks like somebody (else) has already created the LJ feed. It can be found here:


Great, so all of you who want to read muffins through LJ add that, and Jukka can use his LJ count for other nefarious purposes besides double posting :-)

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