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March 17, 2008



B5 has really not aged well. Admittedly, I stopped watching this trainwreck of a show from my bootleg VHS tapes right after "get the hell out of our galaxy" -episode (after enduring endless episodes of "homages" to LoTR and other classics, this episodes oh so familiar crap dialog and epically anticlimactic plotting was just too much to bear) but at least I remembered it looking pretty spiffy, and those cool lasers who acted at least a bit much more lake ILR lasers. Alas, from today's perspective, the CGI looks really dated. Maybe they could take a book out of Lucas and release a superduperhyper DVD-box with all new effects. Can't be even that expensive nowdays.

I have to note that I seem to be hardwired to hate shows which unravel mysteries/conspriacies bit at the time. (B5 rubbish, Xfiles standalones fine - arch rubbish, Heroes Rubbish, Lost utter rubbish. And the reason is that the reveal will always be such a huge disappointment that series will never recover.

Anyone think any similar series where the central mystery was revealed in ice cool and intelligent way which fucked with your brain and made you reassess all you seen? Cause that series would be totally rock. Prisoner, maybe...

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