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April 28, 2008


Viiru & Xena

We like dentathingies also! Have you tried Kleine happen yummybits? Those are so good that even Xena who usually doesn't want to walk down the stairs (she says they are too steep...

NO I DON'T! I just don't see the point in walking when you can get one of them humans to carry you!

... well anyhoo even Xena runs down the stairs when she hears the rustle of the Kleine happen pouch.

Well so do you! And you even try to take the humans fingers with the happen-nappen. I take them nice!

Some months ago the humans also started giving us something they call "vitamin". Don't no what it is, but the box says Gerivet and the other box something like Artroflex. Great stuff! Almost as yummy as Happen!
These we got as the evil human who puts needles in us told our humans that we were so old that it would be good to give us some extra treats for "old" superior beings. Old or not, but the yummies are good! More yummies is better! The world should be filled with yummies for us superior beings, don't you agree Myy?

-Viiru & Xena-


There was, a while ago lots of disucssion why internet is a cat place. Most bloggers seem to be cat owners or at least blog owners with cats blog about them more than dog owners of theirs. One explanation I liked on conceptual level was that dogs are public and cats private, so blogging which often makes private public is naturally the domain of cats. Be that as it may, to redress the balance there will be galore of pictures of Myy on this blog in the future, sorry about that.

Also yes, Myy loves Kleine happen. With a passion bordering on obsession.

Also, here is a story about cat blogging in US:


Like Girl says, I like Happen. Yesterday the Boy was clumsy with the Happens and I nearly took out his finger. Hmm, that might have been yummy...

I don't understand why the Boy and the Girl cannot give me more Happen and less that Minimenu-stuff. I like Happen more. And Dentastix, they're yummy. And Beef Sticks, they're yummy. Luckily they also give me proper dogfood, like Best-In, that's really yummy. Occasionally they give me inferior dog sausages and I'm forced to give them my "Dissappointed!" -look.

More goodies for dogs! Or at least for me. That'd be good.


I feel your pain! I love eating, food is my life. Those silly people I have to put up with, Sarianna and Vesa, just don't understand. Can you imagine they only feed me twice a day? And then it's just the same old kibble every time. Ok, even kibble gets me so excited I'm ready to do backflips at command, but still, meatballs and sausages would really be something else. Or even a piece of bread. Or, heck, a carrot or a chunk of raw broccoli. Anything humans eat must be good.

My problem is that those boneheads just can't take a hint. There I stand, drooling, pushing my nose up on the table, trying to get one tiny little lick of whatever's smelling so delicious on their plates, and they just tell me to go away. How cruel is that? They won't even let me wash the dishes when they're finished, instead they stick them in a dumb old machine. What a waste!

Still, living with humans isn't all that bad. At least I get piggy ears every now and then, and sausages when my nails are clipped. And by being quick and stealthy, I do manage to snatch a bite or two of human food occasionally. Just the thrill of it is worth getting yelled at.


Hmmm... piggy ears... I love thems!


On why the Internet is a cat place: never having had either a dog nor a cat, an outsider's observation is that cat people (in general) tend to be more obsessive about their pets, where as dog people seem to have a more natural relationship with their pets. Don't know why this is so, but seeing how the Internet and obsessing go together very naturally, I think that explains it a bit.


Then again, I DO know some seriously obsessive dog-owners too. I have no intention to publish names here, though...

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