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May 30, 2008



The other movie was Shahrukh's Chak De! India - and I had to check my LJ to remember that as well....


As someone who has also seen this masterpiece of a motion picture, I am forced to acknowledge that it is indeed one of the most brilliant movies ever! One cannot but admire the mind of the people responsible for producing, acting, directing and especially _writing_ this one. I'm willing to bet several billion rupees, that no one is able to foresee the plot twist at around 1,39 hrs into the movie. That would require inhuman cababilities of being able to understand the mindset of a Bollywood scriptwriter. To the power of ten and then some.

I've seen movies with surprises and plot twists and turns, but Amar Akbar Anthony pretty much takes the cake! Not only is the whole teaser bit (Sari so vividly explaines on the original post) far effing out of this world experience, but the whole movie is a rollercoaster of emotions, momentary lapses of reason and positively some really weird steam of consciousness. And I mean steam. This is no stream that slowenly dribbles aroud the countryside, this is a positively mistifying STEAM of weirdness galore. Bollywood City par excellence!


AAA is just great :).

BTW, I now have the utter cheeze classic, Mr. India, on DVD - interested in borrowing it? :D Amrish Puri as a baddie with blond hair! A ring that makes the wearer invisible (now where have I seen that before? :D), orphans, chaplinesque dance numbers, etc.

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