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June 15, 2008



The Saawariya extras were amusing, since they were full of the beaming fathers. There were two different versions of the music release on the DVD and both Rishi and Anil figured very prominently in them. The youngster only appeared on stage to tell how greatful they were to their elders and to SLB for graciously choosing them to appear in his wonderful wonderful movies. You know, the typical BW 'my director/co-actor/composer/whatever was so great!' type of thing :)

The Kapoor clan seemed to be out in force, since in addition to Rishi, I also recognized Randhir and Rajiv Kapoor (all Raj Kapoor's sons). And from the comments made there, it was obvious that Krishna Kapoor, Raj's wife was also present. Ranbir appeared all humble and greatful to be able to keep the Kapoor name alive and to follow in the late Raj Kapoor's steps.

I just kept thinking that this generation's women seem to have much more presence, since both Karisma and Kareena have made several really good movies. Ranbir still has to prove himself and his capabilities as an actor.

BTW, did you know that Deepika Padukone (from Om Shanti Om) and Ranbir are apparently dating? You need to watch this wonderful wonderful live medley performance that Shahrukh made at the Zee Cine awards this year. (if that doesn't work, just search for Shahrukh Zee 2008 at youtube :))


How very Elvis in Vegas :-) I just rewatched Om Shanti Om and boy, did the Phantom of the Opera "homages" sort of stick out this time. Also I loved the blooper reel which basically seems to be Shahrukh making a mess of his choreography.

filmy keeda

ranbir and sonam are distant cousins. surinder kapoor who is anil kapoors father is prithviraj kapoor cousin who is rishi kapoors grandfather.. lol all messed up relationships in bollyland :D

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