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July 30, 2008



Your TARDIS rocks! Thank you for all your help with everything!

Tommy Persson

Actually the dead dog was at a very large and nice place and was not crowded at all.But it took 30-40 minutes to drive there after trying to get out of Tampere in the wrong direction or something but it took longer time for other that only followed the instructions and did not have a GPS...

The 3.5 hours at the dead dog party was enjoyable.

Mike Pohjola

All is forgiven Jukka! Two members of the panel were friends I just dragged in from the lobby but it went great even so. (But next year you bedda be there!)

Btw, aren't speakers considered volunteers worthy of the Dead Dog anymore?


Damn! Of course I wanted to see the translated fantasy panel... but somebody told me it would be canceled. Oh well. It happens. No finger-pointing, here :-P


I hardly saw much anything I really wanted to see, due to making Conzine, but that is the fate of the ones that organize a con. So I don't know what it really was like. Going to correct that next year in Kaapelitehdas!

Jan Vaněk jr.

BTW/FWIW it was Jolana, not Jelena (which happens to be a Czech name as well); I don't know who the fourth one was.

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