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April 26, 2009



- Have you ever seen a good hockey game?
- No.
- Me neither. I love sports, but I just can't get close to hockey.

This is an excerpt from a discussion between John Hoynes and Sam Seaborne, which took place in West Wing season three episode called "Stirred". Sharp writing from Aaron Sorkin as ever.


Aaron Sorkin had his bad days, this one evidently was one. :)

Like the new TV as well. It's... bigger. Good for hockey.


I bet Hoynes was a handprolatespheroid player at school... And that sounds just like something Sorkin might have recycled from Sports Night, which in many ways is superior to West Wing.


Hoynes elaborates:

See, I think Americans like to savour situations. One down, bottom of the ninth, one run game, first and third, left handed batter, right hand reliever, infield at double play depth, here's the pitch. But scoring in hockey seems to come out of nowhere. The play-by-play guy is always shocked. "LePeiter passes to Huckenchuck who skates past the blue line. Huckenchuck, of course, was traded from Winnipeg for a case of Labatts after sitting out last season with... Oh my God, he scores!"

Any chance you have acquired Sports Night somewhere? I noticed it's been released on Region 1. I haven't seen a single episode.


Ah, a baseball man, then. At least there are bases and it is played with a ball. And what he is basically saying is that americans are too slow to follow hockey.

We have some episodes on videotape somewhere, the DVD is on the list to be acquired.

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