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May 15, 2009



I've gotten used to LJ, but I agree with you that Dreamwidth's "friending" concept is much better than the one used on LJ. The possibility of adding someone to your reading list without necessarily giving them access too all your content is a big improvement over how LJ handles these things. You can limit your readership on LJ, but it's all done by filters and locked posts and whatnot.

I haven't yet decided what I'll be doing with my Dreamwidth account. At this point I'm mostly using it to backup my Livejournal (a very easy and painless process!), but if there is a sudden mass exodus there, I could start using it more actively.


p.s. Kommentointi Macin Firefoxilla ei näytä onnistuvan, se jää vain kellottamaan. Safari kuitenkin toimii.

johan a.

I got my DW account for partly the same reason: What, Johan is still available?!?

Will see what I eventually use it for, if at all. I have never really used my LJ account for much.


Tarja: kyllä kommentointi Macilla ja Firefoxilla onnistuu ihan hyvin (mulla ainakin).


Ρακιντζής Μιχάλης RULES!


Tero: Ilmeisesti joku hetkellinen häiriö minun koneellani/yhteydelläni. Nyt näyttäisi toimivan taas minullakin.

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