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December 29, 2010



Agreed! :-)
Jacobi's Lear is on the 3rd February - you game?


the play closes with young Fortinbras lamenting the events to his own camera crew

Ha! What a brilliant idea! I've always found Fortinbras' last speech impossible to take at face value, even though it is usually acted straight (in the very few productions I have seen).

Also, I completely agree with you that Ophelia as written is a non-person, and I almost always dislike the way she is played as flimsy and delicate - it might be my own feminist bias, but how did such a dweeb capture Hamlet's heart in the first place?


That is indeed the problem with Ophelia. If she is such a delicate flower, what on earth did Hamlet see in her? And if she is made of sturdier stuff, how did she loose it so totally after Polonius' murder? Does not compute. And the mad scene(s) just does not work, all that singing...

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