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December 11, 2012



Yeah. I hate 3D. My eyes just want to focus on different parts of the screen than the director inteded and I squint to focus the blurry backround. The Film was really better than I expected. Nowhere near as thrilling as Fellowship was, but well worth the effort. The biggest problem is already in the source material: Hobbit is a nice children's romp with goblins and magical rings, and marrying it with the epic history behidn Lord of the Rings is nigh impossible. Jackson has his own trademarks which I don't much care for: the Tracking shots of scenery and models get a bit old, the prolonged action sequences get boring, and I really, really don't go for the grotesque he is facinated by. Even so, give me a 2D version, and I think I could grow very fond of this film indeed.

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