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December 01, 2013



Thank you so much for the recommendation! We will be checking your calendar daily too, what a great theme! As for my conroversial choice, I have to point out one thing. The first question is not "best movie" but "favourite movie". There is a subtle but very important distiction there. I would not call Aeon Flux best movie ever or masterpiece. I think it is scifi chick-flick and that's why I love it :)

Grandpa Cthulhu

I still kinda stand behind my notion that the action scenes in Seven Samurai are clear, at least in a sense. At least I have this notion in my head that the action scenes are filmed with much more statically framed shots than most modern films.

Especially when compared films made recently which almost all seem to use shaky cam in their action scenes.

I'd also say that the action and violence in the films comes in these quick bursts, which can be chaotic and in that sense realistic. The duel scene in the beginning is a good example.

It has this beatifully shot slow intense build-up that ends very quickly. But you can still really see what happens and in that sense I still feel it's very clear.

Of course the big final battle is a bit different but it still has that quality of framing the shots carefully and the action being in bursts. It's admittedly more chaotic than scenes before but still I feel that you can much more easily figure out what's happening than with some modern films.

Anyhow, it's a great film. I'll have to admit that I haven't seen Confidental Report but now I'll be sure to add it to the never ending list of films to see.

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